Why Choose Us?

We serve your entire family

CHIROHEALTH is a family-based clinic that provides continuing and comprehensive care for you and your loved ones, across all ages, genders, and conditions. Our centre aims to provide a child-friendly environment. Most of the sharp corners in our centre are rounded to prevent injuries, putting your young ones, and especially you, at ease.

We save you time

At CHIROHEALTH, we save you the time needed to spend running around getting treatments done at different centres. We are a one-stop centre of chiropractic and physiotherapy care, integrating multidisciplinary approaches to support you on a better healing path.

We make you comfortable

CHIROHEALTH focuses on a minimalistic clinic design to give you a sense of space and freedom. The clinic accommodates wheelchair bound patients and is ergonomically structured for people who are in pain. Our centre is built with warm taupe walls, and decorated with comfortable chairs. Not to forget the subtle presence of soothing music, calming scents and most importantly, a clean environment. To score extra brownie points, we even provide free amenities such as coffee and tea for you!

Our Missions

To provide Non-Invasive Treatments

CHIROHEALTH vows to provide a series of non-invasive therapies in a multi-disciplinary setting for individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. Our team consists of experienced chiropractors and highly trained physiotherapists to ensure our patients a gratifying experience upon visiting our centre.

To establish an Evidence-Based Practice

We strongly believe in evidence-based practice. At CHIROHEALTH, we are trained to be conscientious and to adopt problem-solving approaches in our clinical practice. Our treatment approaches incorporate the best evidence from well-designed studies, patient values and a clinician's expertise in making decisions concerning a patient's care.

To provide a strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

We have faith in the concept of a strong professional doctor-patient relationship through a family-based clinic setting. We believe that through a great bonding, trust can be attained and unquestionably eases the process of treatment.

"Want to get your spine checked? Are you suffering from back pain? Does your back not seem to be straight?"

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